is designed to guide you through the medical form that was published by UHMS in June 2020. makes it easy to follow the intricate instructions and assessment criteria as well as making it quick and easy to find and view the medical questions online from you computer or mobile device.

The Medical Screening Tool was produced by the Diver Medical Screen Committee (DMSC) with significant input partnership with the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) and Divers Alert Network (DAN). is unable to determine your medical suitability for diving. This service simply aims to improve your ability to complete the medical form that is published by UHMS.

If you identify any issues with the way in which has interpreted the medical form published by UHMS then please contact us via

Instructors / Dive Centers: You can make the most of by generating a customized link to share with your clients.

Using this link you name can be pre-populated in the PDF downloaded by your clients. You can also give you clients the option to automatically send you a copy of their signed medical form via email.

This is helpful for you and your divers (and it is completely free!)

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